webshop delivery terms

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post deliveries to finland

  • we aim to deliver orders within 2-5 working days
  • we aim to deliver orders to Posti by the next working day from the date of order
  • delivery charge will be added if the total amount of the order is below 100,00€ (incl. VAT 24%)
  • delivery charge will not be added if the total amount of the order is equal or above 100,00€ (incl. VAT 24%)
  • we will send a tracking number of the delivery to the client via email

Notice! We cannot guarantee delivery times behalf of Itella/Posti.


  • prices in the webshop include 24% VAT
  • we withhold the right to price changes

payment methods in online orders

  • orders are paid via Checkout online payment service.

returns and reclamations

  • unused products can be returned within fourteen (14) days
  • we do not accept returns of tailor made products
  • returns have to be agreed always in advance, please contact us prior shipping the return. We will give you instructions for return shipment if terms of customer return are met.
  • prepare a note that clarifies:
    • with who have you agreed on the return
    • original order number/invoice number
    • product code and quantity
    • reason for the return
  • if the client is not satisfied on tailor made product that is printed with the own picture or design for example due to the colors, we kindly ask to contact us and describe in detail what is wrong with the product. If the colors are not matching the expectations, we will deliver a replacing product after color adjustments.

responsibility of the seller

The buyer has no right to require compensation in case of a damage to a person or an item or a wealth caused by a faulty product whether the damage has happen to a person or item or finance.

The seller is not entitled to compensate to the buyer of any indirect damage caused by a late delivery or faulty product. The seller is neither responsible of the delays of faults by the third party delivery service provider.

Whenever the producer or the party from where the seller purchases the product, has not fulfilled their obligations and this will lead to a late delivery or no delivery, the seller is not entitled to compensate the buyer of the possible damages.

Reclamation regarding a fault of the product or delivery has to be made written within 14 days from the reception of the product.

dispute settlement

Online seller must provide buyer information how to proceed in case of dispute. As default we aim to avoid disputes. If we are unable to avoid a dispute, consumer has right to contact consumer advise ( In case dispute regarding a purchase order cannot be settled with negotiations between parties, consumer can make consumer complaint board to decide the case. Prior escalating the case to consumer complaint board, consumer must be in contact to consumer advise.