terms of service

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Following terms and conditions are applied in online trading between Digikangas Oy / and it's clients. 

We sell fabrics, textile and decorating products mainly to companies, communities and consumers. 

We are committed to follow fair trading and good commercial practice in our operations as well as committed to follow laws set for online, post and consumer selling. 


1.1 Making an order through our webshop does not require a registration. In order for us to process an order, equivalent information to registration needs to be submitted to Digikangas Oy / However the information will only be used to process the order. 

1.2 During registration, customer needs to submit the following information to customer register of Digikangas /

·       as business partner or consumer, a valid email, name and other information. 

·       business partner needs to submit a name of the company, a contact person, an email address, a delivery and invoicing addresses and other information. 

·       consumer needs to submit a name, an address, an email address and a phone number. 

·       client grands a permission that Digikangas Oy / Digitalprinting Oy registers submitted information to their customer database. 

1.3 Customer information of Digikangas Oy / are confidencial. We commit not to hand over customer information to any irrelevant third party outside the system.

2. order binding

2.1 In online trading the communication between parties will take place either by email or by phone. After finalizing an order, client commits to check email for the reception of an order confirmation.

2.2 Client has a right by email or by phone, prior the delivery has taken place, to cancel the complete order or part of it. The order has taken place once the client has been delivered with announcement that includes tracking number of the delivery.

2.3 The client commits to current terms and conditions written under the section delivery terms, each time an order is being made. 

2.4 After reception of a customer order, Digikangas Oy / does not hold right to change condition of the order. 

3. product information

3.1 We are not responsible of validation of product information or pictures. 

3.2 We are not responsible of damage caused by wrong use of the product. 

4. prices

4.1 Current prices are announced in our online store in EUR. Prices shown to consumers include value added tax. To registered business partner, prices are shown without value added tax. Digikangas Oy / withholds the right to price changes.

4.2 Discount coders and coupons are valid only for online orders. Possible limitations of coupons are mentioned separate.

4.3 Orders will be added with delivery charges. Digikangas Oy / withholds the right to change delivery charges during order processing. 

5. delivery

5.1 In case materials required for the product are in stock, delivery time of the product is from two to five (2-5) working days. Some special or new products might have longer delivery time. We will have a separate announcement in case the delivery time of an order is more than 5 working days. 

5.2 In case the client wants the delivery by certain date, it has to be mentioned on the order as special request. 

5.3 In case the client purchases various products with different delivery times, order will be delivered in multiple parts if requested by the client. 

5.4 All orders of Digikangas Oy / are delivered via Suomen Posti / itella.

5.5 Customer returns must be agreed with Digikangas Oy / prior returning of the product(s).

5.6 The client has a right for compensation regarding products on the order with unreasonably long delivery time. Digikangas Oy / withholds a right to deliver the complete order in only one shipment within one month from the date of order. For delivery times more than one month, the client has right to receive partial late shipment without extra charge, in case the delivery time has not been informed to the client prior ordering.

6. Payment terms

6.1 Payment will be done by using one of the following payment methods:

a) Prepayment via Checkout online payment service (online banks) over encrypted SSL-connection.

Following online banks: Nordea, Osuuspankki, Danske Bank, Ålandsbanken, Handelsbanken, S-Pankki, Aktia, POP Pankki, Säästöpankki, Oma Säästöpankki.

b) Invoice to business customers. Invoicing needs to be agreed with Digikangas Oy / We expect that the business has been operational at least one year and that there are no credit issues. 


7.1 Customer has a right to return unused products within fourteen (14) working days from reception of the goods, excluding the day of reception. Product and its packing shall be in the same condition as it was when received. 

7.2 We do not accept returns of products that are tailor maid and printed from customer's own design. In case the client wants to give a reclamation of tailored product, we kindly ask to contact our customer service and describe in detail why the product is unsatisfactory. By default we tend to rectify the faults and deliver a replacing product.

7.3 Prior return, the client needs to prepare an announcement of return by phone or by email to  info(at) In return the client will receive written instructions for the return.

7.4 Returns will be done via Posti by following the instructions received from us. 

7.5 The costs of unreasonable returns will be charged from the client.

7.6 Incomplete returns (see instructions above) will be returned back to the client on their account. 

7.7 Right to return is product related. A possible delay of one product will not increase the time of return for another product. 

7.8 Return of used products will not be accepted.

8. Damaged shipments

8.1 Occasionally, despite proper packing, packages might damage during shipping. Therefore it is recommended to inspect the condition of the package in the presence of post officer while picking up the delivery. In case the package and product(s) have damaged during the delivery, please fill up announcement of damage in Post office immediately. After doing this, please ocntact our customer service. 

9. Reclamation

9.1 In case the client has been delivered with a wrong product, or the product is damaged, etc. shall the client contact Digikangas Oy / via phone or email to info(at) within reasonable amount of time. Faulty delivery shall be returned free of charge as per the instructions received from (clause 6). Act of return takes place after completing the reclamation. After reception of the returned item, Digikangas Oy / will return the amount paid back to the client without any further due.


10.1 Digikangas Oy / cannot be held responsible in case the delivery of the order gets be delayed, challenged or blocked due to reasons that are out of control of Digikangas Oy /, such as war, natural disaster, import/export sanction, general traffic disturbance, decision of government officials or other factors blocking operations of Digikangas Oy /

11. disputes

11.1 Disputes of this online trade agreement will be applied with fair trade and if needed, the Finnish law. We always try to solve possible disputes without the involvement of a ombudsman or a court. 

11.2 If the dispute regarding the trade agreement cannot be solved by negotiations between the parties, the consumer may contact the consumer complaint board for solution. ( Prior contacting the board of consumer complaint, shall the consumer contact the consumer advice. (